Adobe's "Open Source" website.

Adobe has launched a website where they apparently wish to host an "open source" community. They apparently mostly use this to host the part of their documentation that's not tained. (Unlike, say, their SWF documentation.)

What is interesting here is also that they appparently run their "BlazeDS" project from this site. As far as I can tell this is a Java project, although its purpose is not known to me. Another notable missing thing is the license under which it is available; although it appears to include several free software bundles, the source document tree doesn't seem to have a license. I have a feeling some of those included bundles are GPL, so with that Adobe would be violating the GPL.

Also of note is their contributor agreement . A contributor must sign this document if they wish to participate in this "open source" project. The document reads:

"[Adobe receives a license to] distribute the
Contributions in any way on any licensing terms, including without limitation: (a) open source licenses, and/or (b)
binary, proprietary, or commercial licenses."

But wait! That's not open source, the casual observer might think. I would agree. If you want to contribute in this "open source" project it looks like you're not giving your code to the world at large. No, you're giving your code to Adobe so they can do with it whatever they wish, including closing it up.

I don't think a free software developer would ever agree to something like this. After all, companies' initiatives like this are the very reason the free software foundation was founded.