Why Debian Users Think Gnash Sucks

After reading yet another blog post from a Debian user about why Gnash sucks, I need to rant. The problem is very simple, Debian has been shipping an ancient release of Gnash that was so old, very little worked with it anymore. This was due to several factors, but the end result was nobody was happy. I tried to work around this problem by building frequent snapshots as deb packages for Lenny on x86, amd64, and mipsel, which one can get from out own Gnash Debian repository

But most people never knew about this repository, so after a few seconds of staring at a blank window, they'd quickly drop Gnash and install the Adobe plugin. So much for being supporters of free software...

So after the efforts of several people over several months, the problems that kept Gnash from being updated have been fixed. Gnash is also available in Debian backports, and when the next release of 0.8.8 comes out in the next few days, it should be included. Many thanks to the volunteers that made this possible.