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gnash::SWF::StreamSoundBlockTag Class Reference

SWF Tag StreamSoundBlock (19). More...

#include <StreamSoundBlockTag.h>

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Public Member Functions

boost::uint16_t getStreamId () const
 Get the identifier of the sound stream this block belongs to.
void executeActions (MovieClip *m, DisplayList &dlist) const
 Start the associated block of sound.

Static Public Member Functions

static void loader (SWFStream &in, TagType tag, movie_definition &m, const RunResources &r)
 Load an SWF::SOUNDSTREAMBLOCK (19) tag.

Detailed Description

SWF Tag StreamSoundBlock (19).

Virtual control tag for syncing streaming sound to playhead

Gnash will register instances of this ControlTag in the frame containing blocks of a streaming sound, which is occurrences of SWF Tag StreamSoundBlock (19).

The tag will then be used to start playing the specific block in sync with the frame playhead.

Member Function Documentation

void gnash::SWF::StreamSoundBlockTag::executeActions ( MovieClip m,
DisplayList dlist 
) const [virtual]
boost::uint16_t gnash::SWF::StreamSoundBlockTag::getStreamId (  )  const [inline]

Get the identifier of the sound stream this block belongs to.

TODO: why is this an uint16_t if sound_handler::create_sound returns an int ? I vote for a sound_handler::SoundId typedef

void gnash::SWF::StreamSoundBlockTag::loader ( SWFStream in,
TagType  tag,
movie_definition m,
const RunResources r 
) [static]

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