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gnash::SWF::TextRecord Class Reference

Store a TextRecord. More...

#include <TextRecord.h>

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struct  GlyphEntry
struct  RecordCounter
 Accumulate the number of glyphs in a TextRecord. More...

Public Types

typedef std::vector< TextRecordTextRecords
typedef std::vector< GlyphEntryGlyphs

Public Member Functions

 TextRecord ()
bool read (SWFStream &in, movie_definition &m, int glyphBits, int advanceBits, TagType tag)
 Read a TextRecord from the stream.
const Glyphsglyphs () const
void addGlyph (const GlyphEntry &ge, Glyphs::size_type num=1)
void clearGlyphs (Glyphs::size_type num=0)
void setFont (const Font *f)
void setURL (std::string url)
std::string getURL ()
void setTarget (std::string target)
std::string getTarget ()
const FontgetFont () const
void setTextHeight (boost::uint16_t height)
float recordWidth () const
boost::uint16_t textHeight () const
bool hasXOffset () const
void setXOffset (float x)
float xOffset () const
bool hasYOffset () const
void setYOffset (float y)
float yOffset () const
void setColor (const rgba &color)
const rgbacolor () const
bool underline () const
void setUnderline (bool b)

Static Public Member Functions

static void displayRecords (Renderer &renderer, const Transform &xform, const TextRecords &records, bool embedded=true)
 Render the given glyph records.

Detailed Description

Store a TextRecord.

This consists of style information and a number of glyphs. This may be parsed from a SWFStream, or it can be constructed dynamically by TextField. A static TextField has fewer possible properties than a dynamic one.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::SWF::TextRecord::TextRecord (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void gnash::SWF::TextRecord::addGlyph ( const GlyphEntry ge,
Glyphs::size_type  num = 1 
) [inline]
void gnash::SWF::TextRecord::clearGlyphs ( Glyphs::size_type  num = 0  )  [inline]
const rgba& gnash::SWF::TextRecord::color (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by displayRecords().

void gnash::SWF::TextRecord::displayRecords ( Renderer renderer,
const Transform xform,
const TextRecords records,
bool  embedded = true 
) [static]

Render the given glyph records.

Display of device fonts is complicated in Gnash as we use the same rendering process as for embedded fonts. The shape and position of a font relies on the concatenated transformation of its containing DisplayObject and all parent DisplayObjects. Device fonts have the peculiarity that the glyphs are always scaled equally in both dimensions, using the y scale only. However, indentation and left margin (the starting x position) *are* scaled using the given x scale. The translation is applied as normal. The proprietary player does not display rotated or skewed device fonts. Gnash does.

References gnash::SWF::TextRecord::GlyphEntry::advance, color(), gnash::Transform::colorTransform, gnash::SWFMatrix::concatenate_scale(), gnash::SWFMatrix::concatenate_translation(), gnash::Renderer::drawGlyph(), gnash::Renderer::drawLine(), gnash::key::e, gnash::Font::get_glyph(), gnash::SWFMatrix::get_x_scale(), gnash::SWFMatrix::get_y_scale(), getFont(), glyphs(), hasXOffset(), hasYOffset(), gnash::key::i, IF_VERBOSE_MALFORMED_SWF, gnash::SWF::TextRecord::GlyphEntry::index, gnash::key::j, gnash::rgba::m_a, gnash::Transform::matrix, textHeight(), gnash::SWFCxForm::transform(), gnash::SWFMatrix::tx, gnash::SWFMatrix::ty, underline(), gnash::Font::unitsPerEM(), gnash::key::x, xOffset(), gnash::key::y, and yOffset().

Referenced by gnash::TextField::display(), and gnash::SWF::DefineTextTag::display().

const Font* gnash::SWF::TextRecord::getFont (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by displayRecords().

std::string gnash::SWF::TextRecord::getTarget (  )  [inline]
std::string gnash::SWF::TextRecord::getURL (  )  [inline]
const Glyphs& gnash::SWF::TextRecord::glyphs (  )  const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::TextRecord::hasXOffset (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by displayRecords().

bool gnash::SWF::TextRecord::hasYOffset (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by displayRecords().

bool gnash::SWF::TextRecord::read ( SWFStream in,
movie_definition m,
int  glyphBits,
int  advanceBits,
TagType  tag 

Read a TextRecord from the stream.

in The SWFStream to read from.
m The movie_definition containing this TextRecord.
glyphBits The number of bits per glyph
advanceBits The number of bits per advance
tag The tag type of this TextRecord. This must be DefineText or DefineText2
False if we have reached the end of the TextRecords, true if there are more to parse.

References _, gnash::SWF::TextRecord::GlyphEntry::advance, gnash::SWF::DEFINETEXT, gnash::SWFStream::ensureBits(), gnash::SWFStream::ensureBytes(), gnash::movie_definition::get_font(), gnash::key::i, IF_VERBOSE_PARSE, gnash::SWF::TextRecord::GlyphEntry::index, gnash::SWFStream::read_s16(), gnash::SWFStream::read_sint(), gnash::SWFStream::read_u16(), gnash::SWFStream::read_u8(), gnash::SWFStream::read_uint(), gnash::readRGB(), and gnash::readRGBA().

float gnash::SWF::TextRecord::recordWidth (  )  const [inline]

References glyphs(), gnash::key::i, and width.

void gnash::SWF::TextRecord::setColor ( const rgba color  )  [inline]
void gnash::SWF::TextRecord::setFont ( const Font f  )  [inline]
void gnash::SWF::TextRecord::setTarget ( std::string  target  )  [inline]
void gnash::SWF::TextRecord::setTextHeight ( boost::uint16_t  height  )  [inline]
void gnash::SWF::TextRecord::setUnderline ( bool  b  )  [inline]
void gnash::SWF::TextRecord::setURL ( std::string  url  )  [inline]
void gnash::SWF::TextRecord::setXOffset ( float  x  )  [inline]
void gnash::SWF::TextRecord::setYOffset ( float  y  )  [inline]
boost::uint16_t gnash::SWF::TextRecord::textHeight (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by displayRecords().

bool gnash::SWF::TextRecord::underline (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by displayRecords().

float gnash::SWF::TextRecord::xOffset (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by displayRecords().

float gnash::SWF::TextRecord::yOffset (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by displayRecords().

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