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gnash::SWF::VideoFrameTag Class Reference

#include <VideoFrameTag.h>

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static void loader (SWFStream &in, SWF::TagType tag, movie_definition &m, const RunResources &r)

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void gnash::SWF::VideoFrameTag::loader ( SWFStream in,
SWF::TagType  tag,
movie_definition m,
const RunResources r 
) [static]


The DisplayObject_id (used to find this instance in the DisplayObject's dictionary) is assumed to have been already read. This function is allowed to be called zero or more times, as long as a DefineVideoStreamTag was read before.

References _, gnash::SWF::DefineVideoStreamTag::addVideoFrameTag(), gnash::SWFStream::ensureBytes(), gnash::SWFStream::get_tag_end_position(), gnash::movie_definition::getDefinitionTag(), IF_VERBOSE_MALFORMED_SWF, gnash::SWFStream::read(), gnash::SWFStream::read_u16(), gnash::SWFStream::tell(), gnash::typeName(), and gnash::SWF::VIDEOFRAME.

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