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gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioResamplerFfmpeg Class Reference

FFMPEG based AudioResampler. More...

#include <AudioResamplerFfmpeg.h>

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Public Member Functions

DSOEXPORT AudioResamplerFfmpeg ()
DSOEXPORT ~AudioResamplerFfmpeg ()
DSOEXPORT bool init (AVCodecContext *ctx)
 Initializes the resampler.
DSOEXPORT int resample (boost::int16_t *input, boost::int16_t *output, int samples)
 Resamples audio.

Detailed Description

FFMPEG based AudioResampler.

This class is used to provide an easy interface to libavcodecs audio resampler.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioResamplerFfmpeg::AudioResamplerFfmpeg (  ) 
gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioResamplerFfmpeg::~AudioResamplerFfmpeg (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioResamplerFfmpeg::init ( AVCodecContext *  ctx  ) 

Initializes the resampler.

ctx The audio format container.
true if resampling is needed, if not false
int gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioResamplerFfmpeg::resample ( boost::int16_t *  input,
boost::int16_t *  output,
int  samples 

Resamples audio.

input A pointer to the audio data that needs resampling
output A pointer to where the resampled output should be placed
samples Number of samples in the audio
the number of samples in the output data.

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