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gnash::media::gst::MediaParserGst Class Reference

Gstreamer based MediaParser. More...

#include <MediaParserGst.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MediaParserGst (std::auto_ptr< IOChannel > stream)
 Construct a Gstreamer-based media parser for given stream.
 ~MediaParserGst ()
bool seek (boost::uint32_t &)
 Seeks to the closest possible position the given position, and returns the new position.
bool parseNextChunk ()
 Parse next chunk of input.
boost::uint64_t getBytesLoaded () const
 Return number of bytes parsed so far.
void rememberAudioFrame (EncodedAudioFrame *frame)
void rememberVideoFrame (EncodedVideoFrame *frame)

Detailed Description

Gstreamer based MediaParser.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::media::gst::MediaParserGst::MediaParserGst ( std::auto_ptr< IOChannel stream  ) 

Construct a Gstreamer-based media parser for given stream.

Can throw a MediaException if input format couldn't be detected

References _, gnash::media::MediaParser::_audioInfo, gnash::media::MediaParser::_videoInfo, gnash::media::MediaParser::startParserThread(), and swfdec_gst_connect_srcpad().

gnash::media::gst::MediaParserGst::~MediaParserGst (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

boost::uint64_t gnash::media::gst::MediaParserGst::getBytesLoaded (  )  const [virtual]

Return number of bytes parsed so far.

Reimplemented from gnash::media::MediaParser.

References gnash::media::MediaParser::_bytesLoaded, and gnash::media::MediaParser::_bytesLoadedMutex.

bool gnash::media::gst::MediaParserGst::parseNextChunk (  )  [virtual]

Parse next chunk of input.

The implementations are required to parse a small chunk of input, so to avoid blocking too much if parsing conditions change (ie: seek or destruction requested)

When LOAD_MEDIA_IN_A_SEPARATE_THREAD is defined, this should never be called by users (consider protected).

Implements gnash::media::MediaParser.

References _, gnash::media::MediaParser::_bytesLoaded, gnash::media::MediaParser::_bytesLoadedMutex, gnash::media::MediaParser::_parsingComplete, gnash::media::MediaParser::_stream, and gnash::media::MediaParser::_streamMutex.

void gnash::media::gst::MediaParserGst::rememberAudioFrame ( EncodedAudioFrame frame  ) 
void gnash::media::gst::MediaParserGst::rememberVideoFrame ( EncodedVideoFrame frame  ) 
bool gnash::media::gst::MediaParserGst::seek ( boost::uint32_t &  time  )  [virtual]

Seeks to the closest possible position the given position, and returns the new position.

time input/output parameter, input requests a time, output return the actual time seeked to.
true if the seek was valid, false otherwise.

Implements gnash::media::MediaParser.

References LOG_ONCE.

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