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lt_dlloader.h File Reference

#include <libltdl/lt_system.h>
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struct  lt_dlvtable


typedef void * lt_module
typedef void * lt_user_data
typedef struct lt__adviselt_dladvise
typedef lt_module lt_module_open (lt_user_data data, const char *filename, lt_dladvise advise)
typedef int lt_module_close (lt_user_data data, lt_module module)
typedef void * lt_find_sym (lt_user_data data, lt_module module, const char *symbolname)
typedef int lt_dlloader_init (lt_user_data data)
typedef int lt_dlloader_exit (lt_user_data data)
typedef const lt_dlvtablelt_get_vtable (lt_user_data data)


enum  lt_dlloader_priority { LT_DLLOADER_PREPEND = 0, LT_DLLOADER_APPEND }


LT_SCOPE int lt_dlloader_add (const lt_dlvtable *vtable)
LT_SCOPE lt_dlloader lt_dlloader_next (const lt_dlloader loader)
LT_SCOPE lt_dlvtablelt_dlloader_remove (char *name)
LT_SCOPE const lt_dlvtablelt_dlloader_find (char *name)
LT_SCOPE const lt_dlvtablelt_dlloader_get (lt_dlloader loader)


LT_BEGIN_C_DECLS typedef void * lt_dlloader

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct lt__advise* lt_dladvise
typedef void* lt_find_sym(lt_user_data data, lt_module module, const char *symbolname)
typedef void* lt_module
typedef void* lt_user_data

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Function Documentation

LT_SCOPE int lt_dlloader_add ( const lt_dlvtable vtable  ) 
LT_SCOPE const lt_dlvtable* lt_dlloader_find ( char *  name  ) 

References lt_dlloader_get(), and slist_find.

Referenced by lt_dlloader_remove().

LT_SCOPE const lt_dlvtable* lt_dlloader_get ( lt_dlloader  loader  ) 

Referenced by lt_dlexit(), and lt_dlloader_find().

LT_SCOPE lt_dlloader lt_dlloader_next ( const lt_dlloader  loader  ) 

References lt_dlloader, and slist::next.

Referenced by lt_dlexit().

LT_SCOPE lt_dlvtable* lt_dlloader_remove ( char *  name  ) 

Variable Documentation

LT_BEGIN_C_DECLS typedef void* lt_dlloader

Referenced by lt_dlexit(), and lt_dlloader_next().