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ltdl.h File Reference

#include <libltdl/lt_system.h>
#include <libltdl/lt_error.h>
#include <libltdl/lt_dlloader.h>
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struct  lt_dlsymlist
struct  lt_dlinfo


#define LT_STRLEN(s)   (((s) && (s)[0]) ? strlen (s) : 0)
#define lt_preloaded_symbols   lt__PROGRAM__LTX_preloaded_symbols
#define lt_ptr   void *


typedef struct lt__handlelt_dlhandle
typedef int lt_dlpreload_callback_func (lt_dlhandle handle)
typedef void * lt_dlinterface_id
typedef int lt_dlhandle_interface (lt_dlhandle handle, const char *id_string)


LT_SCOPE int lt_dlinit (void)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlexit (void)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dladdsearchdir (const char *search_dir)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlinsertsearchdir (const char *before, const char *search_dir)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlsetsearchpath (const char *search_path)
LT_SCOPE const char * lt_dlgetsearchpath (void)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlforeachfile (const char *search_path, int(*func)(const char *filename, void *data), void *data)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_init (lt_dladvise *advise)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_destroy (lt_dladvise *advise)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_ext (lt_dladvise *advise)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_resident (lt_dladvise *advise)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_local (lt_dladvise *advise)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_global (lt_dladvise *advise)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_preload (lt_dladvise *advise)
LT_SCOPE lt_dlhandle lt_dlopen (const char *filename)
LT_SCOPE lt_dlhandle lt_dlopenext (const char *filename)
LT_SCOPE lt_dlhandle lt_dlopenadvise (const char *filename, lt_dladvise advise)
LT_SCOPE void * lt_dlsym (lt_dlhandle handle, const char *name)
LT_SCOPE const char * lt_dlerror (void)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlclose (lt_dlhandle handle)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlpreload (const lt_dlsymlist *preloaded)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlpreload_default (const lt_dlsymlist *preloaded)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlpreload_open (const char *originator, lt_dlpreload_callback_func *func)
LT_SCOPE lt_dlinterface_id lt_dlinterface_register (const char *id_string, lt_dlhandle_interface *iface)
LT_SCOPE void lt_dlinterface_free (lt_dlinterface_id key)
LT_SCOPE void * lt_dlcaller_set_data (lt_dlinterface_id key, lt_dlhandle handle, void *data)
LT_SCOPE void * lt_dlcaller_get_data (lt_dlinterface_id key, lt_dlhandle handle)
LT_SCOPE const lt_dlinfolt_dlgetinfo (lt_dlhandle handle)
LT_SCOPE lt_dlhandle lt_dlhandle_iterate (lt_dlinterface_id iface, lt_dlhandle place)
LT_SCOPE lt_dlhandle lt_dlhandle_fetch (lt_dlinterface_id iface, const char *module_name)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlhandle_map (lt_dlinterface_id iface, int(*func)(lt_dlhandle handle, void *data), void *data)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlmakeresident (lt_dlhandle handle)
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlisresident (lt_dlhandle handle)

Define Documentation

#define lt_preloaded_symbols   lt__PROGRAM__LTX_preloaded_symbols
#define lt_ptr   void *
#define LT_STRLEN (   s  )     (((s) && (s)[0]) ? strlen (s) : 0)
        extern const lt_dlsymlist lt_preloaded_symbols[];               \
        lt_dlpreload_default(lt_preloaded_symbols);                     \

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct lt__handle* lt_dlhandle
typedef int lt_dlhandle_interface(lt_dlhandle handle, const char *id_string)
typedef void* lt_dlinterface_id

Function Documentation

LT_SCOPE int lt_dladdsearchdir ( const char *  search_dir  ) 
LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_destroy ( lt_dladvise advise  ) 

References FREE.

Referenced by lt_dlopenext().

LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_ext ( lt_dladvise advise  ) 

Referenced by lt_dlopenext().

LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_global ( lt_dladvise advise  ) 
LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_init ( lt_dladvise advise  ) 

References lt__zalloc().

Referenced by lt_dlopenext().

LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_local ( lt_dladvise advise  ) 
LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_preload ( lt_dladvise advise  ) 
LT_SCOPE int lt_dladvise_resident ( lt_dladvise advise  ) 
LT_SCOPE void* lt_dlcaller_get_data ( lt_dlinterface_id  key,
lt_dlhandle  handle 
LT_SCOPE void* lt_dlcaller_set_data ( lt_dlinterface_id  key,
lt_dlhandle  handle,
void *  data 
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlclose ( lt_dlhandle  handle  ) 
LT_SCOPE const char* lt_dlerror ( void   ) 
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlexit ( void   ) 
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlforeachfile ( const char *  search_path,
int(*)(const char *filename, void *data func,
void *  data 


LT_SCOPE const lt_dlinfo* lt_dlgetinfo ( lt_dlhandle  handle  ) 

References lt__handle::info, and LT__SETERROR.

LT_SCOPE const char* lt_dlgetsearchpath ( void   ) 
LT_SCOPE lt_dlhandle lt_dlhandle_fetch ( lt_dlinterface_id  iface,
const char *  module_name 
LT_SCOPE lt_dlhandle lt_dlhandle_iterate ( lt_dlinterface_id  iface,
lt_dlhandle  place 
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlhandle_map ( lt_dlinterface_id  iface,
int(*)(lt_dlhandle handle, void *data func,
void *  data 

References lt__handle::next.

LT_SCOPE int lt_dlinit ( void   ) 
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlinsertsearchdir ( const char *  before,
const char *  search_dir 

References LT__SETERROR, and LT_STRLEN.

LT_SCOPE void lt_dlinterface_free ( lt_dlinterface_id  key  ) 

References FREE.

Referenced by lt_dlloader_remove().

LT_SCOPE lt_dlinterface_id lt_dlinterface_register ( const char *  id_string,
lt_dlhandle_interface iface 

References FREE, lt__malloc(), and lt__strdup().

Referenced by get_vtable(), and lt_dlloader_remove().

LT_SCOPE int lt_dlisresident ( lt_dlhandle  handle  ) 


Referenced by lt_dlloader_remove().

LT_SCOPE int lt_dlmakeresident ( lt_dlhandle  handle  ) 
LT_SCOPE lt_dlhandle lt_dlopen ( const char *  filename  ) 

References lt_dlopenadvise().

Referenced by lt_dlpreload_open().

LT_SCOPE lt_dlhandle lt_dlopenadvise ( const char *  filename,
lt_dladvise  advise 
LT_SCOPE lt_dlhandle lt_dlopenext ( const char *  filename  ) 
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlpreload ( const lt_dlsymlist preloaded  ) 

References lt_dlpreload().

Referenced by lt_dlinit(), and lt_dlpreload().

LT_SCOPE int lt_dlpreload_default ( const lt_dlsymlist preloaded  ) 
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlpreload_open ( const char *  originator,
lt_dlpreload_callback_func func 
LT_SCOPE int lt_dlsetsearchpath ( const char *  search_path  ) 
LT_SCOPE void* lt_dlsym ( lt_dlhandle  handle,
const char *  name