gnash::fontlib Namespace Reference

Library management. More...


void clear ()
 Clean up the font library.
boost::intrusive_ptr< Fontget_default_font ()
 Return a default device font.
int get_font_count ()
Fontget_font (int index)
Fontget_font (const std::string &name, bool bold, bool italic)
void add_font (Font *f)
const char * get_font_name (const Font *f)

Detailed Description

Library management.

Font library control. gnash is able to substitute fonts from the font library, in case a movie lacks glyphs for a declared font. This would come into play since in recent versions of SWF, the movie is allowed to use "system fonts". E.g. it can declare a font named "Arial", but not provide glyphs for it, and then the OS is expected to provide the font or a suitable replacement.

Function Documentation

void gnash::fontlib::add_font ( Font *  f  ) 
void gnash::fontlib::clear (  ) 

Clean up the font library.

Referenced by gnash::clear().

boost::intrusive_ptr< Font > gnash::fontlib::get_default_font (  ) 

Return a default device font.

Referenced by add_button(), main(), and gnash::TextField::TextField().

Font * gnash::fontlib::get_font ( const std::string &  name,
bool  bold,
bool  italic 
Font * gnash::fontlib::get_font ( int  index  ) 
int gnash::fontlib::get_font_count (  ) 
const char* gnash::fontlib::get_font_name ( const Font *  f  )